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Ingleby Homes will initially provide advice on the best way to maximise the amount of rent you can generate. Suggesting simple ideas that will help make your property more marketable and set expectations around the levels of viewings to expect when your property goes on the market.

Professional photography and floorplans are key aspects of marketing your property in the best possible light, so that you can attract the highest calibre tenant, we provide all of this as standard – at no extra cost!

The lettings market is a legislative minefield now but Ingleby Homes will help steer you through the maze. There are many things to consider: EPC, gas safety certificates, right to rent, deposit protection, and if you don’t know your Section 21 from your Section 8 then you would be well advised to get in touch.

Once we have found a tenant, it is vital that they are referenced effectively. Not only will we professionally reference any potential tenants for you but we will also offer advice around rental indemnity or any need for a guarantor.

Subject to successful referencing, we would go on to drawing up letting agreements, and then register the tenant’s deposit with an appropriate scheme and protect you from the potential fines for not doing so.

Having Ingleby Homes collect the rent also gives you confidence that should that there be any delay or issue with payments, we will take the appropriate steps to protect you legally and give you the best opportunity for recovering the rent or regaining possession of the property, although due to our experience in spotting early warning signs and diffusing any possible concerns, we work hard to ensure this is extremely rare.

As you can see there is much more to renting out your property than worrying about fixing the boiler if it breaks. Having said that it is easy to underestimate the value of having someone co-ordinating any maintenance issues. We have great relationships with local contractors that can help get work completed efficiently at a fair price.

We also work hard to keep the tenant happy, happier tenants stay in your property for longer, helping to avoid periods where the property remains empty. If your tenant does hand in their notice, we ensure that your property goes back on the market as quickly as possible, again to help reduce the risk of a void period.

“Ingleby Homes will let your property out quicker, for more money, to a great tenant” - Tracy Bennett, Lettings Manager

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